Review Policy

Firstly, congratulations on being a true blue author! I’m thrilled that you want me to review your book! I wish you all the success your book deserves. Kindly take a few minutes to go through my review policy before you request a review.


  I am currently ONLY considering physical copies. I am in India at present so please reach out only if you’re okay to ship to my location.

I have currently put free review requests on hold! There has been a huge influx of requests in the past months and I am sorry but I cannot possibly get around to them all!

If you have emailed me already, I will get back to you if I am interested in reviewing. I will, however, consider your review request if I have previously reviewed your book(s).
If you would like to ensure my review of your book, my paid services section is still on, if you’re interested in going that route. It is basically a small fee to ensure that I do review your book, and I’ll do it in around two weeks.

I Love:
Humor, Psychology, Psychological Thrillers, Mystery, ChickLit, SciFi, Post Apocalyptic, Business, Contemporary, Slice of Life

I Like:
Fantasy, YA, Dystopian, Thriller, Suspense, Classics, Non Fiction (really depends on genre though)

I will sometimes read:
Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Romance, Crime

I do not like:
Erotica, Overtly religious novels, Biographies, Graphic Violence/Horror

I am fine with paperbacks or ebooks.
I would prefer .mobi, if ebooks.
PDFs are not that fun, but will do in a pinch.

DO NOT tell me you want to send me a kindle gift link or something or the sort. I will not accept it and it’s a waste of my time and yours to discuss it.

How soon can you expect a Post?

Depending on the state of my queue, really. My TBR is building up super quick (150+ books at last count), and I only post reviews once/twice a week, so I cannot really commit to a time frame. I hope you understand.
I have, on request, started doing paid reviews, so if you’d like your book to be done sooner you can opt for this. This is not necessary but since people requested it, I’m adding it. I’m still doing free reviews. This just makes it a little easier for me to keep up with the mountain of books if people want their reviews quick.
Check this out at Author Services.

Where do I Post?
Blog Goodreads Instagram (sometimes)
Podcast (sometimes)Twitter (sometimes)

You are free to share the link wherever you like.

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If your book falls into one or more of the genres I consider, feel free to drop me a mail at justbooks28 (at) gmail (dot) com. If it’s cross-genre, I am definitely interested. For the love of humanity, please do not send me erotica or horrifyingly graphic violence, I will just not reply, because I am tired of re-iterating this. Otherwise, I will respond as soon as I can and let you know whether I can accept your book or not. Sometimes I’ll forget and reply a few months later, so if you’re still interested at that point, great! Please don’t think I’m ignoring your mails.

If you need anything else or if you’re tired of reaching out to book bloggers for review, I can help! Feel free to check out the Author Services I provide.

If you’ve read this far, I believe your book would be pretty fab too, because this is a fairly long Review Policy, so you must have some patience + attention to detail. Do send across your request for sure!

I look forward to hearing from you!