Author Services

Hi Authors!

We love reading all your books and we do reviews absolutely free of charge.

Due to this, however, we have a huge TBR, and an immense number of pending requests, and it’s growing every day! We do respond to you all, but it does take a lot of time.
We have had a few authors/publishers messaging to ask if we provide any other sort of exposure apart from reviews, as well as if we provided any other services. Well, we already do Express Reviews and Social Media Management for a few authors, and we’ve added more services below!
Taking your suggestions, we have decided to offer the following free services as of now:

  • Guest Post – If you’re an author, book blogger, poet, writer and you’d like to post here, we’d be happy to give you a spot. We have a global audience of book lovers and you can link back to your own blog/book/page too! We only ask you keep it relevant to the writing and/or self publishing space.
  • Author Interviews – Featuring the author and their new books on the blog as well as on my Instagram page. You can also pick when you would like the post to go up, i.e. if you would like it to coincide with the eve of your book release.

And also, some paid services which we currently provide:

  • Express Reviews – Since we have an insanely huge TBR, we decided to start Express Review services. For a nominal fee, we ensure your book is read and reviewed at a date you want. This works for authors who send us ARCs and may want to ensure a review before release, or if your book has newly released and you want reviews quick. At a minimum, we commit to posting the review within two weeks. Starts from $25.
  • Paid Ads – A slot on the blog sidebar for added visibility for your book, on a monthly or quarterly basis. Starts from $5.

  • Blogger Outreach – This includes contacting bloggers and soliciting reviews/other promotional posts. Additionally, we also help authors expand their social media reach (setting up Twitter, Instagram accounts), and post for authors on their social media platforms. Starts from $75.
  • Social Media Management –  Here, we manage your accounts fully, including crafting an informative bio, responding to people, and regular updates. We are active on Instagram and realize a lot of indie authors who reach out to us don’t have active pages. We’d like to help you fill that gap. Starts from $50.
  • Proofreading –  Maybe you are happy with your current editor and just need an extra eye to go over the edit and point out any glaring errors that may have been missed. An extra set of eyes never hurt anyone! We are way too addicted to books and way in love with the language to ensure that no error will escape our eye. 
  • Beta Reading – You’re all set with the writing and structure and editing, and almost ready to publish. That’s where beta readers come in. We provide workable feedback on what we did and did not like about the story arc, descriptions, structuring and whether or not the story feels drawn out in places. Our reviews also provide the same type of honesty, as you can see in the blog, but we think it’s better to get feedback before you hit “Publish’! Starts from $40.
  • Spotlight Post – A book feature/spotlight/blitz containing the book cover, description, publisher, publication date, links, author bio etc. Starts from $10.

To know more details/charges about the same, feel free to email me, and make sure you write the Service Name in the Subject Line of your email. For example – Express Book Review – (book name)

We hope this helps you in some small way, and if you just want a review, ensure you fit the genre specified in my review policy.
Happy reading,  Oh Just Books